Billiard Table Recovering

Guaranteed billiard table recovering services

Are you looking to have the felt on your billiard table replaced? or perhaps you bought a used billiard table and are considering the option of billiard table recovering at the time of installation? You’ve reached the right place! Give the SOLO Billiard Table Movers of Tucson a call and get a quote for recovering a billiard table.

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Did you know that the best time to replace the cloth is best done when it is in pieces? The reason for this is that when the table is taken apart we can best assess the condition of it and inspect for any billiard table repair that needs fixing.

Our skilled billiard table installers are careful enough to salvage the existing cloth if in good condition. This means that you don’t necessarily have to change out your current cloth, just as long as it is in good condition and most importantly, you’re happy with it.

There are about 30 different colors from three lines of cloth to perfectly go with the ambiance of the room the billiard table is or will be setup. This billiard table felt is protected under our exclusive guarantee against rips or manufacturer defects for an entire year after the service is complete. We provide billiard table moves and repair plus expert refelting in high-quality materials.

Pricing a billiard table recovering service

Pricing fluctuates in the area depending on what type of billiard table cloth you choose and what type of billiard table you have. We’ll need to know the following: the playing surface area of the billiard table, the pocket built it has, if the billiard table is an antique or modern style, and lastly if it is already set up and playable or in pieces.

If you are looking into having your first billiard table and need it installed and recovered, please feel free to see a chart with the approximate billiard table room sizes in case you need help finding an appropriate size. As for the type of cloth, below are the types of billiard table felt we supply for a billiard table recovering service.

Expert billiard table refelting by professionals

The process that billiard table recovering involves is complex in nature and should be performed by experienced billiard table mechanics. Most customers that have just purchased a billiard table decide to recover during the billiard table setup service.

This is the most convenient time to recover your billiard table and the reason is that when recovering a billiard table that is already setup, we have to partially disassemble the table and since the billiard table is in pieces when it is being installed it takes less time for it to be refelted and we can inspect for other minor issues and get those taken care of.

We take pride in providing professional billiard table services that are covered by a written guarantee. We have all of the necessary tools and equipment to give you the best playing experience when we finish servicing your billiard table. When we complete the service, rest assured your table will be in the best playing condition it can.

We guarantee our workmanship and materials we use whether it’s a complete billiard table move, installation only, a billiard table recovering, a tear down only or a billiard table repair, we provide a written service guarantee that starts when we complete the job and lasts for a period of 365 consecutive days from then on.

This guarantee is exclusive to our company, it is issued in writing and backed by the American Billiard Installers Association, the only national organization that regulates service practices within our industry.

Information regarding your billiard table refelting and materials

When we’re all finished you’re all ready and playing pool on your new felt.  You can choose from a list of colors for three lines of cloth that we supply to our customers.

There are differences between standard cloth and upgraded worsted material. The worsted material is manufactured differently and rather than having the fuzzy finish it is very smooth and durable.

The worsted felts play much faster and give the player more responsive and different gaming experience.  You can order your billiard table refelting in either material. We’ll need all of those details to get you an accurate price to refelt your billiard table.  When we are performing billiard table moves for our clients it is the best time to put new felt on your table.

Your choices of billiard table felt

The main differences between standard cloth and upgraded worsted material are the speed, accuracy, and overall gameplay performance.

The standard woolen billiard table felt 

Stain-resistant material woolen felt is what is most commonly found on billiard tables and most likely what is offered with all new billiard tables. The texture is a little “fuzzy” which makes it slower and the most economical of the options.

Simonis worsted billiard table cloth

The most widely recognized name in the industry, used by professionals and passionate players. This billiard table cloth undergoes a special manufacturing process that results in a beautiful precision cloth. This achieves the smoothest and most accurate playing surface available.

Standard worsted felt non-brand colors

(Colors may be limited, contact us to get current colors available.)

Tournament grade cloth, tightly woven material that gives it a slick texture allowing for a faster game, higher accuracy and more durability.

The SOLO billiard table movers warrant all of our services for an entire year with a written service guarantee which is backed by the American Billiard Installers Association. The only National Organization that regulates service standards in our industry.

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